Alex O'Dowd

Alex O'Dowd


NCAA hockey at Franklin Pierce University,

Junior hockey at Northeast Generals


Disc Golf

Learning to dunk a basketball

Hockey and cross country at Hanover High School


Certified Functional Strength Coach - Level2

MBSC Thrive Certified

First Aid/CPR/AED/Epipen certified

About Coach

I grew up trying a handful of different sports through high school. My parents encouraged me and my siblings to always be involved in something, whether it be a sport, instrument, or lesson - but never forced us to try or stick with any one thing. By the time I started high school, hockey was my passion; I'd play street hockey every day, filled in with every team I could, and went to my older brother's practices every week. Once I started taking it seriously, I found myself improving quickly. Coupled with cross country, and an incredible coach, I started understanding the value of consistency and mental toughness. Being active taught me important lessons and led to a junior and college hockey career. Playing juniors, some highlights were being named captain in my rookie year of a first-year program, seeing that program grow into a successful one, and earning a college commitment. I was never the best player on any team, but I knew trying to do the right thing daily would pay off, and it has so far!

Turning Point

My turning point was about halfway through my high school hockey career. Throughout youth hockey I was always on the "C" teams because I wasn't naturally skilled, I started playing at an older age, and I didn't care enough to put work into improving. When I realized I wanted to be a good hockey player, I started working really hard not to get on better teams, but just to be better for myself and whatever team I happened to be on. This mentality led to a lot of improvement but didn't always help my case in "hockey culture". It was hard to show I was a good player after I'd been a bad one for so long. Going through this taught me to always work harder at what I could control. It was hard to overcome and took help from coaches and family, but that lesson helped me succeed on and off the ice ever since.

Motivation & Passion

I love to coach because it's amazing to see people do things they thought they weren't capable of before. The gym, and people in the gym, can be intimidating to someone new to a space. Being a coach provides the opportunity to show people of all abilities it's okay to be where they're at but that they also always have something they can work on. Whether it's helping somebody get their first bodyweight pushup or they're setting a deadlift PR, helping people achieve their goals gets me fired up.

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