Colin Josselyn

Colin Josselyn


I have been an athlete as long as I can remember, (growing up in a family with four boys will do that). In high school I played, Golf, indoor track and field and baseball. I was a three year varsity player and senior year captain for baseball and part of the winningest golf team in school history. Continuing my athletic career into college, I played 5 years of baseball at Bridgewater state university. There I was a three year captain. Now I enjoy participating in as many activities as I can. Rock climbing, golfing, tennis, working out, running, biking, anything that requires movement and is outdoors there is a good chance I have done it or would like to do it.



Masters of Business Administration


About Coach

My coaching journey began as an athlete myself. I grew up playing various sports but found my passion for baseball early on. With hard work and dedication, I claimed a spot as a pitcher on Bridgewater State University’s Baseball team. During my time at BSU, I underwent shoulder surgery. This taught me the importance of strength training and injury prevention. I went on to become a leader and mentor for my teammates and acquired several awards in the league during his six-year run. I graduated in 2021 with my Master's degree in Business Administration. In addition to baseball, I completed the Boston Marathon in 2021. I also love to rock climb, kayak, and hike, and I am hoping to tackle more big goals in the future.

Turning Point

Like many people, I had a few turning points in my life. Throughout most of my life, I have battled being overweight. I was always a big kid growing up and in 8th grade, I was nearing close to 300lbs. It was around this time that my older brother, a professional baseball player at the time, stepped in and started strength training with me. This created a snowball effect. Over the next years, I began to grow taller and lose weight. Like most weight loss journeys it has been a roller coaster of losing weight and then gaining a little bit back; kind of like 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. My journey continues today and although I may not be the most fit-looking person, I have developed a better body image and I continue to work on gaining muscle and losing bad body weight gradually. You know what they say slow and steady wins the race, plus sometimes it's okay to have a bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy coaching people of all ages, but I particularly find interest in helping athletes reach their goals. As an athlete myself, I have seen the benefits that exercise can have on the competition field and strives to bring out the best in each athlete. Helping people and athletes realize these goals inside and outside the weight room is what motivates me to be the best coach I can be.

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