Keryn Leonard

Keryn Leonard


In high school I played field hockey and basketball. When I went to college I began running and participating in triathlons. Now I currently enjoy long distance running, triathlons, and Magnitude workouts.


MBSC Thrive

CFSC Level 1 & 2


Masters in Education

About Coach

I grew up playing a variety of sports but when I went to college I soon found myself "bored" with my free time. I started taking group exercise classes at the school fitness center and began running for fun. Soon after I started teaching indoor spin classes and signed up for my first 5k. Running turned into a more serious hobby and I decided to try some swimming and cycling along with it and began participating in triathlons. Throughout my many years of running and triathlon training, I have found that I truly love the long-distance events and the training that is needed for these races. I've completed four Ironman Triathlons, twelve marathons, and many other races. Training and racing is a great ways to set goals and challenge yourself. Two lessons I have learned from these sports are patience and consistency; If you want something to change, go in with the mindset that it will take time, but with hard work and showing up each day you will conquer your goals!

Turning Point

Athletics didn't always come easy to me but I loved to play sports. I found I was always working harder than others in order to compete. Looking back, having to work harder to reach the goals that I wanted to accomplish has impacted my overall work ethic in life and exercise as an adult.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose of coaching is to help others improve their overall health. I want to help people of all ages feel better on a day to day basis so that they can do the things that enjoy outside of the gym. I am motivated by the excitement of others when accomplishing a new skill or goal that they have been working towards. Sharing their success is just as exciting for me as it is them!

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