Magnitude Strength & Power Internship

The Magnitude internship program is an incredible learning opportunity that will dramatically improve your coaching education and skills. The internship is a hands-on, learn-by-doing based program in which you will be coaching middle school, high school and collegiate athletes, as well as adult/general fitness clientele.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes an online and in-person MBSC Thrive training program, weekly staff meetings and education sessions to enhance your overall learning experience.

As part of the internship program, we provide you with all the same training our Head Coaches are provided, including MBSCThrive and participants in our Summer Internship will attend CFSC Level 1. Interns also receive a stipend for their work.

Our goal for you is to develop a deep understanding of the ins, outs, and whys of our MBSC Thrive programming and coaching methodology in addition to acquiring valuable knowledge from all aspects of the strength and conditioning field.

Our internship is modeled after the MBSC program in Woburn, which has a long standing history of producing many great coaches, and is a competitive and coveted position.

We look forward to you joining us!

Roles & Responsibilities

● Coaching the Warmup (Foam Rolling, Mobility, Activation, Dynamic Movement, Light Implement Power Work, Plyometric Exercise, Speed/COD training)

● Strength Training Instruction (Heavy Implement Power Work, Fundamental Strength Development, Motor Control/Stability Training and more)

● Conditioning (Running, Biking, Slide boarding, overall energy system development)

● Gym set-up and breakdown, daily housekeeping tasks

● Attendance at weekly education events, creation/development of presentation discussing learning experience from internship program

Internship Schedule

Rolling Admission
Apply for Internship


Mid-May through August


January through Mid-March


September through Mid-December


Mid-March through Mid-May
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